Objects on Rails DELUXE EDITION SKU: 33198

Some very kind people have told me that Objects on Rails is worth more than the $5 I'm charging for the downloadable version. If you are one of the people who feel this way, and you'd like to make an extra contribution to support my blogging, screencasting, podcasting, public speaking, and writing efforts, this package is for you. Along with my gratitude and everything listed in the regular download edition, you get:

  • Exclusive bonus MP3 for sponsor edition buyers: a conversation with Sandi Metz, author of "Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby - two and a half hours of discussion with a veteran Smalltalker-turned-Rubyist about topics such as the meaning of design, how to write exemplary code and why it matters, and viewing OO systems in terms of roles instead of classes.
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling for supporting this and future projects like it!


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