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Confident Ruby Black Label Edition
- Confident Ruby eBook - Confident Ruby companion video
Confident Ruby Gold Label Edition
- Confident Ruby eBook - Confident Ruby companion video - Much Ado About Naught eBook
Confident Ruby Red Label Edition
The core Confident Ruby ebook, including PDF, EPUB (iBooks), and Mobi (Kindle) formats.
Exceptional Ruby eBook
The definitive guide to exceptions and failure handling in Ruby. Covers topics such as: * A detailed look at the lifecycle of a Ruby exception. * Overriding Kernel#raise for fun and profit. * Alternatives to exceptions, for when "fail fast" isn't the right answer. * Advanced exception matching in rescue clauses. * Avoiding failure cascades with the Barricade and Circuit Breaker patterns. * 5 questions to ask before raising an exception. * Exception safety testing for critical methods. * The three exception classes every app or library needs. * And much, much more... over 100 pages of in-depth information on Ruby exception handling.
Much Ado About Naught (Beta eBook)
An adventure in Ruby metaprogramming! Follow along as we use strict TDD to create a toolkit for generating Null Object classes in Ruby. * This is the original source of the Naught gem ( first release was written in a Literate Programming style, and this book is the result. * Learn numerous metaprogramming tricks, techniques, and gotchas. * Watch a library being built in a pure test-driven style. * Whimsical illustrations by Lauren Shepard! * Kindle, Epub, and HTML versions included (PDF coming soon!) * About the beta: this book is basically done, but I'm still tweaking the output formats.
Objects on Rails DELUXE EDITION

Some very kind people have told me that Objects on Rails is worth more than the $5 I'm charging for the downloadable version. If you are one of the people who feel this way, and you'd like to make an extra contribution to support my blogging, screencasting, podcasting, public speaking, and writing efforts, this package is for you. Along with my gratitude and everything listed in the regular download edition, you get:

  • Exclusive bonus MP3 for sponsor edition buyers: a conversation with Sandi Metz, author of "Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby - two and a half hours of discussion with a veteran Smalltalker-turned-Rubyist about topics such as the meaning of design, how to write exemplary code and why it matters, and viewing OO systems in terms of roles instead of classes.
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling for supporting this and future projects like it!
Objects on Rails eBook

A "developer's notebook" documenting some guidelines, techniques, and ideas for applying classic object-oriented thought to Ruby on Rails applications. This book is aimed at current Rails developers looking to grow and evolve Rails projects while keeping them flexible, maintainable, and robust.

You can also read the entire book online.


  • Nearly 200 pages of content, including hundreds of step-by-step code examples.
  • PDF, EPUB, and Mobi versions.
  • Full source code, including revision history.
The Making of
Follow a weekend app project from beginning to end. Learn about outside-in behavior-driven development; transitioning smoothly from Sinatra to Rails; Datamapper for easy persistence; object-oriented views with Erector, and much more.